The history of Margaret McMillan Nursery School, Plymouth.

Our Founder

Lady Nancy Astor

Lady Nancy Astor

Margaret McMillan

Margaret McMillan

In 1935, Nancy Lady Astor, as MP for Plymouth, wanted to provide nursery provision for under privileged children in the immediate vicinity of our nursery. It is an acknowledged fact that Lady Astor did more than any other elected politician in  England from the 1920’s onward to promote the cause of nursery education.

Lady Astor inspired by the pioneers of nursery education, Rachel and Margaret McMillan, supporting their campaigns and initiatives to develop nursery education in this country.

Lady Astor was so taken with their aspirations for the environment in which pre-school children should learn and gain experience that she purchased 24 Hoe Street in Plymouth and had the property converted for this purpose. Sensitive modernisation has preserved many of the original features of the property.


Our Ethos

Rachel McMillan

Rachel McMillan

We operate as a non-profit making charitable trust with a board of trustees who meet regularly to support the operation of the nursery.  We strive to provide a happy,            secure and caring environment. Not only are the children’s practical and learning skills developed but also their social skills, their self-confidence, independence and            individuality.

By establishing relationships with other children and adults, they learn consideration for others and good manners.




To meet the terms of our charitable statues and to uphold the values of our founder, we have established a bursary to enrich the lives of some your children within the city who are from challenging social and economic backgrounds.

We have a bursary partnership with Get Up and Go Nursery, which is a not for profit social enterprise. Our bursary helps to promote the education of pre-school children who can benefit from additional support.

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