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We offer parent friendly hours between 8.15am and 6pm . We are open for 50 weeks, subject to closure on the usual bank holidays and for 3 non-pupil days staggered through the year.

We accept employer vouchers and Government Tax Free Childcare. Children can access a maximum of 30 hours free 3 and 4 year old Nursery Education Funding (excluding meals) . 15 hours of 2 year old funding is also accepted if eligibility criteria is met.

When Is My Child Eligible?

If your child is born between:                               They are eligible for a funded place from:

1st April and 31st August                                        1st September following their third birthday

1st September and 31st December                        1st January following their third birthday

1st January and 31st March                                   1st April following their third birthday

Tax-Free Childcare

You can get up to £500 every 3 months (up to £2,000 a year) for each of your children to help with the costs of childcare. This goes up to £1,000 every 3 months if a child is disabled (up to £4,000 a year). More information can be found here:




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