Weekly Activities


Children participate in a weekly session in order to respond to music to create movement and express feelings.


Le Club Francais provide a weekly session for our Pre-school children to learn and experience a new language. Our resident teacher provides stimulating activities including fun french songs, games and stories.


Children explore the use and different sounds of instruments and use simple rhythms to create music.


Each term the pre-school children work towards a drama production to enable them to play co-operatively as part of a group and act out a narrative.

Science & Investigation

Weekly sessions include a variety of simple science experiments , bug hunting  and exploring media.


Each week children access different sporting acitivites, e.g. the parachute, ribbons, races, obstacle course and skittles.


Every day there is a session of maths. The children will enjoy counting activities, number puzzles, colour and shape recognition. These sessions are designed to be fun and encouraging for your children.

Letters & Sounds

A session is held every day to help your children learn the basics in a fun and interesting way.


Children partake in cookery sessions to inlcude buns, biscuits, fruit salads, fruit kebabs, bread and cheese swirls and much much more!


Sessions are run to engage children in the process of how things grow, where they come from and then with vegetables what they taste like.

Monthly Munch

Every month we investigate different cultures and countries. Children are able to taste the food and drink during tea time.


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